Do you want to write about your life,
someone else's life, life in general?

    Then life writing is your genre. It includes autobiography, memoir, travel and sojourn writing, narrative non-fiction, biography and even the personal essay. It is a way of exploring your own experience of life, other people's lives and places, topics and themes. You can write about your year in South America, about your mother's childhood in Romania, about your olive farm in outback Australia, about growing up in the suburbs - or about any of the experiences of life.

    Life writing is inclusive. Everyone has a story of his or her own experience of being in the world. Whatever your achievements or challenges or pain, your story is worth telling - and worth telling in a powerful and absorbing way.

    Time after time, the thousands of Life Stories I have read and worked on reveal that each individual being is miraculous and unique, and that at the same time we share so much as we travel throughour lives.
    Patti Miller

    No people are uninteresting.
    Their fate is like the chronicle of planets.
    Nothing in them is not particular,
    and planet is dissimilar from planet.
    And if a man lived in obscurity
    making his friends in that obscurity
    Obscurity is not uninteresting.
    To each his world is private,
    and in that world one excellent minute.
    And in that world one tragic minute.
    These are private.
    In any man who dies there dies with him
    his first snow and kiss and fight.
    It goes with him.
    They are left books and bridges
    and painted canvas and machinery.

    From People
    by Yevgeny Yevteshenko
    Full poem

    In life writing, you are facing yourself as much as if you were sailing solo around the world, so it is a pursuit for the adventurous. Memoir and autobiography are not straightforward historical records or exercises in self-justification, but are true journeys of exploration, exciting and sometimes confronting. There is joy and revelation and the creative struggle to find the words to do justice to your experience.

    Patti Miller, founder of the Life Stories Workshop, is an established writer and Australia's most experienced life-writing teacher. Her books have been published by Allen & Unwin, Random House and UQP. Her passionate and supportive approach to life writing has grown out of her love and knowledge of the art of writing and literature and her fascination with the stories of our lives. She has taught writing workshops for more than twenty years, specialising in life writing since 1991 and is the author of the best selling Writing Your Life and The Memoir Book.

    Anthony Reeder is now working with Patti Miller. He is a published writer of fiction with a MA   (Writing) and is highly experienced in all forms of business writing including reports, presentations, newsletters, brochures, articles, speeches and instruction manuals. He is also an experienced and qualified  editor and  is available for both structural and copy-editing for memoir, fiction, academic and business writing. He is also available as a writer for specific projects. Contact:

    Sophia Barnes has also been added to the Life Stories team. She has published short fiction, feature-length literary criticism and academic writing both in Australia and internationally. She has a doctorate in English Literature from the University of Sydney, where she is currently teaching creative non-fiction writing. She is an experienced editor of memoir and fiction, with additional experience in editing academic writing, and is available for structural and copy-editing of fiction and non-fiction projects. She can be contacted via

    Life Stories Services can help you get started on the journey of life writing, or if you have already started, guide you along the most rewarding paths. We know how to help you write the best possible autobiographical or memoir manuscript.

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