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    Clients' Books
    A growing number of Life Stories Workshop clients have been commercially published. They include:

    • A bird on my shoulder, Lucy Palmer, Allen and Unwin, 2016

    • Cold Vein, Anne Tonner,  Publishing 2017
      Winner Finch Memoir Prize 2017

    • Only, Caroline Baum, Allen and Unwin 2017

    • The House of Lies, Renee McBryde, Hachette, 2017

    • A Sunburnt Childhood, Toni Tapp Coutts, Hachette, 2016

    • I Knew You Would Have Brown Eyes, Mary Tennant, Finch Publishing, Winner Finch Memoir Prize 2016

    • Rosetta, Alexandra Joel, Random House Books, 2016

    • Is This My Beautiful Life? Jessica Rowe, Allen and Unwin 2015

    • Killing Love, Rebecca Poulson, Simon & Schuster 2015

    • I Belong toNo-one, Gwen Wilson, Hachette 2015

    • The Country Wife, Anne Gorman, Bantam Books, 2015

    • Bound, Christine Lavender, Horizon Publishing, 2014

    • Dancing With a Cocaine Cowboy, Robyn Windshuttle, Allen & Unwin, 2014

    • Missing Christopher, Jayne Newling, Allen and Unwin 2014

    • The Miracle of Love, Ondine Sherman, Allen and Unwin 2014

    • Saving Zali, Lisa Venables, Pan McMillan, 2014

    • 9/11 And the Art of Happiness by Simon Kennedy, Finch Publishing, 2014

    • Call me Sasha, Geena Leigh, Allen and Unwin 2013

    • Online Dating After Sixty, Carole Lethbridge Hybrid Publishing 2013

    • A Carpet of Jacaranda, Ann Major, Jewish Museum Press 2013

    • A Flower between  the Cracks, Helen Sage, Affirm Press 2013

    • And Then Like My Dreams, Margaret Rose Stringer, Fremantle Arts Centre Press 2013

    • Why Does God Hate Me, Patricia Barton, Big Sky Publishing 2013

    • Under The Skin, Marian Van Dyk, Finch Publishing 2012

    • Marzipan and Magnolias,  Elizabeth Lancaster, Finch Publishing, 2010 Winner Finch Memoir Prize 2010.

    • Kissing Frogs, Andee Jones, Finch Publishing 2010

    • A Brush With Mondrian, Yvonne Louis, Murdoch Books 2010

    • Through a Glass Darkly,  Caroline Jones, ABC Books

    • Judas Kisses, Donna Carson with Debbie Ritchie, Hardie Grant

    • Good Man Hunting, Jacinta Tynan, Random House

    • Sex at Six o'clock, Annarosa Berman, New Holland

    • An Authentic Life, Caroline Jones, ABC Books

    • Bend of the River,   Skye and Jerry Rogers, Lansdowne Books

    • A Labour Of Love, Anne Geddes, Hachette, 2007

    • Cecilia,   Cecilia Inglis, Penguin

    • The Long Way Home,   Kate Shayler, Random House

    • Wings of Madness,   Jo Buchanan, New Holland

    • A Year of Sunshine, Monica Geti, New Holland

    • Voluntary Exiles,   Joan Rowlands, Hale & Iremonger

    • Drink Me, Skye Rogers,  Fourth Estate Harper Collins 2006

    • Married to A Bedouin, Marguerite   van Geldermalsen, Virago  2006

    • A Big Life, Jenny Kee,  Penguin 2006

    • The Road Back Home, Felicia Starr, New Holland 2003

    • Nefertiti Street, Pamela Bradley, New Holland, 2008

    What clients say:

    Patti Miller is the perfect navigator to accompany anyone embarking on the journey of discovery that is life writing…her voice is like that of a guiding friend, offering encouragement and support as well as practical advice.
    Caroline Baum

    The person who encouraged me to give my writing a go and taught me so much.
    Jacinta Tynan

    I’ve been given a gift from you which makes the mundane more than tolerable. Thank you so much for your expert help and guidance in accessing memories, writing stories and coping with life in general.
    Claire Kelly

    Thanks so much for those excellent comments. You're absolutely right, of course, about my fudging the real story…  what you say about what it's really about is so true …. as you so perceptively observed… and thanks for your very reasonable fee.
    Siobhan McHugh

    I am so happy and grateful for the course. And your books.
    Aurora Lopez

    I am grateful to everyone who made a contribution… Firstly: author Patti Miller. I started writing the book while doing a Life Writing course with Patti. She later read a version of the ms and made many very valuable suggestions for improving it.
    Annarosa Berman

    In practical terms, your constructive feedback is probably the most important to the book… but after several years of writing in a near vacuum it was your praise that meant the most to me personally. It was a much needed boost to my confidence to have a respected editor give me such positive feedback - and confidence is a good thing when squaring up to a rewrite. I really appreciate that you applied your attention so generously.
    S. J.

    Magnificent course. My life has changed.
    Peg Vernon

    Heartfelt thanks for bringing me to this place… there were wonderful words at every turn – speeches and teaching.
    Bob Yates

    I found it (the course) the most exhilarating thing I have ever done….  Your warmth and understanding gave me an assurance and trust that I have never found in a public situation before.
    Jacqueline  McCormick



Miracle of Love




Through a glass darkly, Caroline Jones

Judas Kisses

Sex at 6 o'clock

Drink Me

Married to a Bedouin



A long way home 

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